Our Story - LanguageBard

Our Story - LanguageBard

What Is LanguageBard?

Founded in 2016, LanguageBard is an online language learning platform dedicated to helping learners master any language with ease and expertise. Our mission is to eliminate language barriers and foster global communication by making language learning accessible, affordable, and advanced for everyone.

We curate comprehensive courses that cover a wide spectrum of languages, from major international languages like English, Spanish, and Mandarin Chinese to less commonly taught ones like Finnish and Swahili. Besides, we also offer tailored courses for unique needs, such as business-oriented language learning, academic linguistic proficiency, or just casual conversation skills.

How Was LanguageBard Born?

In the initial stages, LanguageBard was the brainchild of three passionate language enthusiasts – Johnson, Emily, and Raphael. Being linguists themselves, they understood the tedious process of mastering a new language. They recognized the gap in the market for an inclusive, accessible, and customizable language learning platform that respects individual learning pace. With this vision, they embarked on the journey to create LanguageBard.

What Are the Milestones in LanguageBard’s Journey?

LanguageBard has etched several significant milestones in its journey. Some of these include:

  • Launching the website (2016): The trio officially launched the LanguageBard website, starting with a user-friendly interface and courses in five languages.
  • Introducing new languages (2017-2019): Over these years, the company introduced courses for twenty new languages, significantly broadening their offerings.
  • Mobile App Introduction (2018): LanguageBard introduced its mobile app aiming for language learning on the move. The splash was successful, and within a year, the app had over 500,000 users.
  • 1 Million User Registration (2019): By 2019, the platform reached the prestigious milestone of having more than a million registered users.
  • Business and academic courses (2020): In response to user feedback, LanguageBard introduced specialized courses customized for business and academic needs.
  • Tailored Cultural Exchange Programs (2021): This was an innovative approach where learners had an opportunity to interact with native speakers and immerse themselves in their culture, enhancing language learning further.

Who Are The People Behind LanguageBard?

The LanguageBard team is an eclectic mix of language enthusiasts, technology geeks, experienced educators, and seasoned business experts.

CEO - Johnson Creighton: A polymath and linguist, Johnson, co-founded LanguageBard with a vision to democratize access to language learning. He holds a doctorate in Linguistics and a Masters in Computer Science.

CTO - Emily Connor: Emily Connor, an experienced IT professional and a language enthusiast, decided to merge her two passions and co-founded LanguageBard. Emily leads the technology arm of LanguageBard, ensuring a smooth and enriching user experience.

COO - Raphael Duran: Raphael, with a profound business acumen and interest in linguistics, saw the potential of a language learning platform. He has been instrumental in framing the business strategy of LanguageBard.

Who Are Our Educators?

Our educators are native speakers who carry both academic credentials and professional experience in language teaching. They are passionate about teaching and are trained to provide engaging and interactive learning experiences. Every LanguageBard teacher has to pass a rigorous selection process to ensure they meet our high teaching standards.

Whom Do We Serve?

LanguageBard serves learners across age groups and backgrounds. Our users include students keen on enhancing their language assets for better career prospects, professionals seeking language proficiency for business meetings, as well as immigrants and ethnic minority individuals hoping to improve their communication in a new environment. We also serve educational institutes seeking curriculum-aligned language courses for their students.

What Makes LanguageBard Unique?

Our learning model revolves around four key components- personalized learning paths, contextual learning, cultural immersion, and a global community of learners. We understand that every learner’s journey is unique, and our platform resonates with this belief.

Being more than a mere language learning tool, we provide an environment to nurture and nourish the love for languages. At LanguageBard, we believe in making language learning an experience rather than a task.

What is Next for LanguageBard?

The future unfolds promising developments for LanguageBard. We aim to introduce more languages and cultural exchange programs, expand to more countries and regions, and enhance our technology for a seamless learning experience. As we move forward, our consistent goal will always be to keep breaking down language barriers.

We invite you to embark on this exciting language learning journey with us, as we not just teach languages but also foster a global community bound by the common thread of linguistics. Join LanguageBard today, your gateway to the world through languages.