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Beginner Spanish Course


Embarking on the empowering journey of language learning can be both an exciting and challenging endeavor. Starting with Spanish, a language spoken by over 460 million people worldwide, not only endows you with a new skill-set, but it also unfolds a fascinating array of cultures and rich history. This guide is about the Beginner Spanish Course offered by LanguageBard, ideal for those at the start of their Spanish journey and those looking to solidify their basic Spanish knowledge.

Course Overview

Our Beginner Spanish Course is designed comprehensively, prioritizing the core aspects of Spanish language acquisition. The course encompasses essential vocabulary, foundational grammar, and opportunities to partake in simple conversations. Since being exposed to native Spanish dialogue from the very beginning boosts language understanding, this course includes listening exercises and conversation practice.

Topics Covered in the Course

Essential Vocabulary

One of the fundamental parts of learning a new language is building a robust vocabulary. In the Beginner Spanish Course, you will learn essential everyday vocabulary. From basic introductions to elements like colors, numbers, food, and clothing, you will gain a strong foundation that enables you to hold simple conversations.

Foundational Grammar

Next, no language learning process is complete without understanding its grammar. The course introduces fundamental Spanish grammar rules critical to forming sentences correctly. It covers verb conjugations, tenses, noun genders, pronouns, and articles.

Simple Conversations

With the essential vocabulary and foundational grammar provided by our course, you will be ready to engage in simple Spanish conversations. Conversational practice is key to developing confidence and fluency in a language.

Who is the course for?

Absolute Beginners

If you're entirely new to Spanish, this course is perfect for you. You will start from the ground up, so there's no prior knowledge needed.

Returning Learners

If you have some basic Spanish knowledge but want to solidify your understanding, this course can help refresh your memory and further enhance your skills.


Q: How long does the course take?

The Beginner Spanish Course generally takes 8 weeks to complete, assuming an average study time of 1-2 hours per day. However, the course is self-paced, so individuals can adjust their study time based on their individual needs and schedules.

Q: Is there any support available during the course?

Yes, the LanguageBard team offers interactive support throughout the course. You will have access to teachers and community supports, ready to answer your doubts and support your language learning journey.

Q: How much does the course cost?

The LanguageBard Beginner Spanish Course costs $199 USD. The fee covers all course materials and interactive support.

Q: Are there quizzes and exams within the course?

Yes, there regular quizzes and final exams that assess your understanding. The quizzes help you monitor your progress and identify parts of the course that need repeated study. The final exam will determine your understanding and mastery of vocabulary, grammar rules, and conversation skills after completing the course.


Learning a new language is an investment and a value addition that helps in personal growth and broadening horizons. Our Beginner Spanish Course is meticulously designed to ensure an efficient learning process that equips learners with the necessary foundation. By mastering your Spanish basics, you will gain the confidence to explore further complexities of this beautiful language and step into a nuanced world of diverse cultures.

Whether you’re starting your Spanish journey from scratch or seeking a course to reinforce your fundamental Spanish knowledge, the LanguageBard Beginner Spanish Course is a strategic place to begin.

With LanguageBard, you begin as a learner and walk away as a confident communicator, ready to tackle the Spanish-speaking world!