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Learn Professional Portuguese - Advanced Portuguese Language Skills


Embarking on the journey to learn Portuguese? Want to take your language skills up a notch? Welcome to LanguageBard.com’s professional Portuguese course, designed to enhance and polish your language skills aimed at professional use in business environments, academic settings, or casual conversation.

After completing this course, you'll be adept in understanding and using advanced Portuguese grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and communication skills. This could open up new doors of opportunities, whether you wish to enroll in an academic program, do business in a Portuguese-speaking country, or simply communicate more effectively with Portuguese speakers.

Advanced Grammar

Advanced grammar is a critical component of professional Portuguese language skills. Our course will guide you through complex sentence structures, broaden your understanding of past, present, and future verb tenses, and delve deeper into nuanced grammatical concepts like subjunctive moods, conditionals, or direct and indirect speech. This robust understanding of Portuguese grammar will give you the agility to exchange ideas, opinions, and information in a sophisticated and professional manner.


The advanced Portuguese course at LanguageBard.com also equips you with a rich and versatile vocabulary. From industry-specific terms used in business and academia to slang and idioms for more casual conversations, our curriculum provides you with a comprehensive arsenal of words to express yourself articulately and confidently.


Proper pronunciation is pivotal to being understood and accepted as a competent Portuguese speaker. Our course pays special attention to details of accent, intonation, and rhythm intrinsic to the Portuguese language. You'll practice pronouncing vowel and consonant sounds, diphthongs, and accent marks, improving your overall pronunciation and reducing your accent.

Communication Skills

By leveraging your advanced grammar, vast vocabulary, and accurate pronunciation, our professional Portuguese course aims to sharpen your communication skills. You'll learn how to carry out negotiations, give presentations and hold professional or casual conversations fluently in Portuguese. On top of that, you'll develop comprehension skills to understand native speakers, written texts, films, songs, and the news in Portuguese.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who Should Enroll in the Professional Portuguese Course at LanguageBard.com?

Our professional Portuguese course is ideal for anyone aiming to improve their Portuguese to a professional or advanced level. This could include students intending to study in a Portuguese speaking country, business professionals who interact with Portuguese-speaking clientele, or anyone wanting to improve their general communication skills in Portuguese.

2. What Teaching Methodologies are Used in the Course?

LanguageBard.com uses a combination of direct teaching, immersive learning, and language practice. We hold interactive classes, provide resources for self-study, and offer opportunities to practice speaking and listening in real-life situations.

3. How Long Does it Take to Complete the Course?

The duration of the course depends on your current knowledge level and the pace at which you progress. On average, it may take about 3-6 months to complete the course.

4. How is the Course Structured?

Each module focuses on a particular aspect of the language (grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, communication skills). At the end of each module, there are quizzes and practice exercises to confirm your understanding and proficiency.

5. Can I take this course if my Portuguese is at a beginner's level?

The Professional Portuguese course is designed for intermediate to advanced learners. Beginners are encouraged to start with our Essential Portuguese course and then move on to the professional one.

In conclusion, our professional Portuguese course at LanguageBard.com promises to build your confidence in speaking, writing, listening to, and understanding Portuguese, paving the way for successful professional and social interaction in a Portuguese-speaking environment.