Meet the Team - LanguageBard

Meet the Team – LanguageBard - Your Ultimate Language Learning Companion

Welcome to LanguageBard, the ultimate language learning companion in your journey towards mastering new languages. Our team is diverse in expertise, dedicated in mission, and driven by the passion of connecting the world through language.

We believe everyone should have the opportunity to broaden their horizons, and what better way to do so than by learning a new language? From educators and linguists to tech enthusiasts, we are proud to introduce you to the team that turns this belief into a reality.

OurFounders – Language Enthusiasts with a Vision

LanguageBard was founded by Jane Doe and John Smith, both accomplished polyglots and experienced educators. They came together with the vision to create a platform that breaks the barriers and transforms language learning into a thrilling journey. Their expertise in language education and educational tech paved the way for the innovative learning approach LanguageBard adopts today.

Our Professional Linguists

LanguageBard takes pride in its team of skilled linguists who ensure that the course materials are accurate and beneficial to learners at all levels.

Dr. Roxanne Russo

Our lead linguist, Dr. Roxanne Russo, has over 15 years of experience in linguistic research. She specializes in the science behind language acquisition and has written multiple papers on immersion learning. Dr. Russo is passionate about making language learning efficient and accessible.

Pedro Henrique Silva

Pedro Henrique Silva, our Portuguese linguist, is a native speaker fluent also in English and Spanish. He has a particular passion for designing courses that not only teach a language, but also immerse learners in his vibrant Brazilian culture.

Li Wei

Li Wei, a Mandarin Chinese linguist, is originally from Beijing. She was a language educator for two decades before joining our team. Li Wei aims to help learners appreciate the beauty of the Chinese language and inspire them with her captivating tales of Chinese history and folklore.

There are many more linguists on our team. Each one is dedicated to building enriching course content for various languages around the world.

Our Language Educators

Our experienced language educators make it possible for us to offer a wide variety of uniquely crafted and highly interactive language courses.

###Elaine Murphy Elaine Murphy, head educator of the English courses, is a CELTA-certified teacher with years of experience teaching English in multicultural environments. She thoroughly enjoys watching her students' proficiency grow.

Javier González

Javier González, our Spanish educator, is from Madrid, Spain. He has been teaching Spanish for over a decade. Javier has a knack for explaining complex grammatical concepts in simple terms.

We have a large team of educated teachers whose mission is to ensure a seamless learning experience on our platform.

Our Tech Enthusiasts

Behind LanguageBard's user-friendly interface and technologically advanced features are our tech enthusiasts who work tirelessly to ensure a smooth learning experience.

Rebecca Fox

Rebecca Fox, our Head of Technology, leads our dedicated tech team. Rebecca not only keeps our website running smoothly, but she also constantly looks for innovative ways to improve the user experience.

Emily Collins

Emily Collins, our Lead App Developer, guarantees the LanguageBard app is always up-to-date, user-friendly, and efficient, allowing learners to take their lessons anywhere, anytime.

Indeed, the LanguageBard experience would not be the same without the tireless work of our technology team.

In Conclusion

Each team member at LanguageBard plays a vital role in our pursuit to make language learning accessible, beneficial and enjoyable. Our founder’s vision, the linguist’s dedication, the educator’s passion, and the tech enthusiast’s skills, all come together to create an experience that is unique, engaging, and rewarding.

Get to know us more! Visit our profiles, interact with us on our forum and make the most of the rich language learning experience we have created for you at LanguageBard. Your language learning journey awaits you – come, join us, and let us explore this fascinating world of languages together. Today is as good a day as any, to learn something new!