Intermediate French Course - LanguageBard

Intermediate French Course - LanguageBard

Taking your French language proficiency to the next level requires more than just basic knowledge and understanding of the language. The Intermediate French Course by LanguageBard caters to those who have a native or near-native understanding of French. Throughout the course, you'll dive deep into the complexities of French language, exploring advanced verbs, enriching your vocabulary, enhancing grammar proficiency, and improving your pronunciation. Practical exercises followed by meticulous revision will cement your learning.

Advanced Verbs

Kicking off with advanced verbs, the course takes you through a journey of mastering complex tenses, using reflexive verbs, and conjugating irregular verbs. These are crucial to express emotions, opinions, and actions accurately. The verbs taught are versatile in use, allowing you to communicate effectively in various scenarios like business, travel, or day-to-day conversations.

Question: Is there a focus on understanding and using irregular verbs in this course?

Absolutely. One core component of the course is dedicated to irregular verbs. We comprehend the challenge that comes with memorizing and using such verbs, hence the course provides various tricks and techniques to master them.

Vocabulary Enrichment

Understanding native speakers and expressing your thoughts eloquently is impossible without a rich vocabulary. The course focuses on teaching words and phrases that are essential and commonly used, rather than bombarding you with a plethora of unfamiliar terms.

Question: Does the course offer modules focused on vocabulary used in specific contexts?

Yes, the course specifically includes modules designed for vocabulary used in different contexts such as business, travel, and socializing. This will enable you to adapt to various environments.

Grammar Proficiency

Understanding the architecture of a language, its grammar, is paramount. Our course entails a comprehensive discussion on French grammar rules, exceptions, and the rationale behind them.

Question: How does this course simplify learning French grammar for intermediate learners?

Our approach to teaching French grammar is quite intuitive. We break down complex rules into easy-to-understand parts. With a mix of examples, explanations, and practice exercises, we ensure understanding of each aspect of French grammar.

Pronunciation Improvement

Authentic French pronunciation can be tricky. The course concentrates on the subtle details of pronunciation, breaking down each sound, its context, and practicing it.

Question: How effective is the pronunciation module? Can I expect noticeable improvement?

Our pronunciation module has received positive reviews from our students, with many noticing marked improvements in their pronunciation skills. The module employs listening exercises, practicing with native speakers, and sound breakdowns to help you sound more natural when speaking French.

Practice & Revision Exercises

We believe that practice makes perfect. Following each learning module, there will be numerous exercises for you to practice and reflect on what you've learned.

Question: Do these exercises involve real-world situations where French language is utilized?

Indeed they do. Our exercises are designed to simulate real-world situations which require the usage of French language. That means you'll be practicing the language just as you would be using it in reality.


The Intermediate French Course by LanguageBard is the perfect platform to elevate your French language skills. Our structured, intuitive, and practical approach to learning ensures that you conquer the language with ease and confidence.

Question: After completing this course, can I proceed to higher-level French courses?

Absolutely, our course is designed in a way to prepare you for the advanced French courses. You'll finish the course with the intermediate French language proficiency which is required for further studies.

Question: If I find any difficulty during the course, is there any assistance provided?

Yes, we have dedicated language tutors available to assist you with any questions or concepts. We are committed to making your learning experience as smooth and effective as possible.

Mastering a language takes time, dedication, and the right resources. And that's exactly what our Intermediate French Course aims to provide you. Enrich your language skills and open up a new world full of opportunities with LanguageBard.