Learn Greek: Online Courses & Resources - Language Bard

Learn Greek: Online Courses & Resources - Language Bard

Learning a new language can be an exciting adventure. It unearths the rich culture and history tied to the language, giving learners an in-depth experience into a new way of thinking and viewing the world. While there are numerous languages to choose from, Greek holds a special charm, being one of the world's oldest recorded living languages. At Language Bard, we're dedicated to providing comprehensive Greek language resources that make learning Greek an enlightening experience. Our array of online courses, tutors, and insightful blogs takes you on a thrilling journey into the roots of Ancient Greek philosophy and literature.

Why Learn Greek?

Greek is not just any language; it's directly linked to philosophy and the world as we understand it today. It is the language of the Ancient Greeks, known for their tremendous contributions to areas like science, politics, sports, and the arts. Here are some reasons why learning Greek is a brilliant idea:

  • Historical Significance: From Homer's epics to Aristotle's philosophies, Greek's literary and philosophical traditions have significantly influenced the western world. Learning Greek gives you direct access to these primary texts in their original form.

  • Cultural Appreciation: Greek culture is rich, dating back to antiquity and laden with monumental historical events, traditions, and food. Knowing Greek provides a deeper appreciation of Greek culture.

  • Career Opportunities: Knowledge of Greek can open up opportunities in various fields like diplomacy, academia, international business, and more.

  • Cognitive Benefits: Learning a new language enhances cognitive abilities such as memory and problem-solving. It also provides better multitasking skills and improves decision-making capability.

Online Greek Courses at Language Bard

Language Bard offers a host of online Greek courses designed to cater to people of varying proficiency levels– from absolute beginners to those looking to polish their grammar.

  • Introductory Greek: This course is designed for absolute beginners, focusing on Greek alphabet, basic grammar, and vocabulary.

  • Intermediate Greek Course: For those with a basic understanding of Greek, this course builds on foundation skills, focusing on complex grammar structures and vocabulary expansion.

  • Advanced Greek Course: Aimed at fluent speakers looking to polish their skills, this course dives into detailed grammatical structures, idioms, and facets of conversational Greek.

  • Ancient Greek Literature: A specialized course focusing on Greek literature. It explores famous works from authors like Homer, Plato, and Sophocles.

Greek Language Tutors

At Language Bard, we believe in providing personalized, one-on-one support where required. Our team of professional, native Greek tutors is dedicated to helping you navigate the path of learning Greek. Interactive and fully equipped to teach online, our tutors can help answer your questions, clear your doubts, and guide your Greek learning journey.

Greek Language Blogs

Alongside our courses and tutors, we offer numerous insightful blogs packed with valuable tips, trivia, and articles on Greek culture, history, and language nuances. From understanding the roots of Greek language to exploring authentic Greek cuisine, our blogs combine learning with enjoyment for a wholesome language-learning experience.


1. How long does it take to learn Greek? That can vary depending on your native language and the time you invest in learning. For an English speaker, the Foreign Service Institute estimates about 44 weeks (or 1,100 hours) of study for fluency.

2. Will learning Greek help me with any other languages? Yes, Greek roots are used in many languages, especially scientific, academic, and English vocabularies. Knowledge of Greek can deepen your understanding of these words.

3. How can I practice Greek outside the classroom? Engaging with Greek media - movies, music, books - is a convenient way to practice. Also, try to find language exchange partners or Greek community conversation groups online.

At Language Bard, our aim is to make Greek language learning an exciting and insightful journey. With our broad range of resources, we're committed to offering a thriving learning environment where you can learn at your own pace, understand the culture and history behind the language, and obtain all the guidance required to master Greek. Embark on this exhilarating language journey today with Language Bard.

Greek Lesson 1: Introduction to Greek