Accessibility Support at

Accessibility Support at

Offering a user-friendly, accessible, and inclusive experience for all users is at the heart of (henceforth referred to as LanguageBard) is a proud advocate of equal access to information and has made significant strides to ensure website accessibility following international standards.

The features specifically introduced for accessibility, the guidelines followed, and the support options provided, all come together to create an inclusive environment for users of all abilities.

Accessibility Features at LanguageBard

LanguageBard comes equipped with numerous features that make the website user friendly for everyone. These features are designed to provide ease of navigation, legibility, and better understanding of content for users with different abilities.

  1. Screen Reader Compatibility: LanguageBard's interface and content are compatible with popular screen readers. This allows visually impaired users or those who prefer audio feedback to navigate efficiently and understand content.

  2. Keyboard Navigation: For individuals who may find mouse utilization challenging, the entire site is navigable using keyboard commands alone. Key commands are standard: the "Tab" key to move forward, the "Shift" + "Tab" keys to move backward, and "Enter" to select.

  3. Alternate Text for Images: In order to convey the same information expressed in visual content, alternate text (alt text) is provided for all images. This aids visually impaired users and those using screen readers.

  4. High Contrast Mode/Resizable Text: For users facing issues with readability due to contrast or font size, LanguageBard offers a high contrast mode and resizable text feature.

  5. Closed Captioning for Videos: Closed captions can be activated for all videos. This is particularly helpful for hearing-impaired users or for those who prefer to read along.

What are the accessibility guidelines followed by LanguageBard?

LanguageBard is committed to conforming to the Level AA success criteria of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1 (WCAG 2.1). These internationally recognized guidelines provide a broad framework for creating accessible web content for individuals with disabilities.

Moreover, the coding standards followed adhere to the recommended technical standards such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Regular audits are conducted using various accessibility and validation tools like Wave, JAWS, NVDA, and manual testing methods stratified across several platforms to ensure consistency and continuity in providing an accessible digital environment.

How does LanguageBard provide support for accessibility?

LanguageBard encourages feedback from its users to continuously improve its accessibility. If you are experiencing any accessibility issues, please get in touch with the customer support team.

You can contact the team by submitting a ticket at the 'Contact Us' page, or via the 'Live Chat' feature. They have dedicated accessibility experts ready to help you navigate through any difficulties you might encounter.

LanguageBard also provides materials and resources explaining how to make use of the built-in accessibility features in your browser or computer.

FAQ's about LanguageBard's Accessibility

How can I navigate LanguageBard just using the keyboard?

You can navigate LanguageBard's website using common keyboard commands:

  • Press 'Tab' to move forward across items.
  • Press 'Shift + Tab' to navigate backward.
  • Hit 'Enter' to select a highlighted item.

How do I enable the High Contrast Mode or change text size?

You can enable the High Contrast Mode or change the text size from the 'Accessibility Settings' option found on the top right corner of the page.

What should I do if I encounter accessibility issues?

If you encounter any accessibility issues, please reach out to customer service by submitting a ticket through the 'Contact Us' page or by using the 'Live Chat' feature.'

How does LanguageBard support blind or visually impaired users?

For visually impaired users, all images on LanguageBard include 'Alt Text'. The website is also compatible with common screen readers, providing efficient audio feedback for navigation and understanding content.

Does LanguageBard provide captions for videos?

Yes, LanguageBard provides closed captions for all videos, which can be activated by clicking on the 'CC' button in the video player.

LanguageBard is dedicated to its commitment of equal access to information and is proactive in improving and extending the reach of its accessibility features. All feedback is welcome, and crucial in shaping a more inclusive virtual learning space. Here's to barriers coming down, one language at a time!